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Our range comes with flavours for everyone: fruity, tangy, hot, aromatic, distinctive. Your choice!


We use the best and freshest ingredients with no artificial elements. Only good things for your health


Our sauces can be used in a variety of cuisines: BBQ, grill, stir-fry, dipping, marinade and more!

No chemical, no colourings, no preservatives

100% Natural + Gluten Free

Galetos sauce by Sylvia Orlando vision and prospective will market globally. There will be an extension of the production venue and use a large-scale machinery to allow us to produce the large demand scales of the consumers, and the market’s buyers.

We will be delivered this demand fast and efficient without compromising the quality of our products. We will keep the high quality and standard of our products, we will make sure to keep and follow the rules and regulations of our food and hygiene skills. And keep upgrade their protocol.

Welcome to Galetos Sauces

Discover our best sauces

4 flavours for every occasion and taste

Galetos Sauce - Garlic & Herbs Sauce

Garlic & Herbs Sauce

Galetos Sauce - 100% Natural Coriander & Lime Sauce

Coriander & Lime Sauce

Galetos Sauce - 100% Natural Capsicum Peri Peri Sauce (Medium Hot & Fruity)

Capsicum Peri Peri Sauce (Mild)

Galetos Sauce - 100% Natural Peri Peri Volcanic Sauce (Extra Hot)

Peri Peri Volcanic Sauce (Extra Hot)

What customers Say

My kids love the sauces
The kids loved the garlic sauce and the coriander and lime. The adults loved the capsicum hot sauce too. Volcanic sauce is for serious chilli lovers! Fantastic food and you can buy the sauces so we will be enjoying them at home too.
Deepali S
Love it
I absolutely love their amazing home made sauces, especially the garlic one and the coriander one (and I don’t even like coriander usually!)
Wizardess 1
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