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Sylvia Orlando

Global business entrepreneur, Founder of Galetos Sauce

About me

My name is Sylvia Molina Galanza Orlando. I am a global business entrepreneur. Married to Luiz E. Orlando, Brazilian with two children.  When I was young my dream is to become a restauranteur. I put a lot of effort and motivated myself since, and up to now.

I put map on my vision to help me to reach my destination, which will make up with my goals and result the vision is the vital part, otherwise, I don’t know where I’m heading, and my goals will be irrelevant.

I came in the United Kingdom year 1995 with nothing in my pocket, what I had were paired of my clothes, with strong determinations, my vision and hard works, and of course accompanied by my prayers and strong faith and belief in God that He will help me into my journey of my dreams.

I worked as a nanny for two years with a wealthy family for to start, as I couldn’t get better than that, due to my situations. I was inspired while I was working with them, due to the dream I was aiming, and I never give up, until it was reach to the point that I need to act and pursued my vision.

Year 1997, I made up my mind to buy a three bed rooms house in a 100% mortgage, prices was low and affordable monthly amortization. I kept it for 3 years, and I sold it and gave me a net profit of £70000, this amount of profit I had, it gave me a chance to lead in my journey to reach the goals of I succeed.

I now have 4 restaurants including one in USA and a foundations elementary school in Asia which I helped the dreamer’s children in need to reach their dreams like I had. I also have some properties to let.

As a passionate and love of cooking, I used my skilled to create a new kind of sauces with no comparison in the global markets, using all natural and fresh ingredients only, and excellent for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and versatile, this will give me a chance to compete to my rivals and customers could get healthy benefits too. It took me more than one year to developed and get the right quality and consistency, including laboratory test and other tested needed, which has been now passed. I now offered to our restaurant’s customers in a daily house’s sauces, they became addicted and showed their overwhelming interest into it. Customers are now buying into our restaurants daily and became popular.

The overwhelming results, Me and my husband got innovated from our customers and decided to build a factory which has now finished.

My dreams and desired became bigger and bigger, I wanted to put my products into the global markets and creating more new products by using my skilled and my creativity, and at the same time will empowered this engine to create jobs and contribute to the global community and the global economies for the benefits for our young children.

I believe that tycoon makes go extra mile, perseverance, sheer determination, and tenacity are core characteristics of the mindset of a tycoon.

A good relationship with the people are key and business and personal relationship should be cherished. Treat people how you yourself want to be treated. Remember that people are the lifeblood and engine room of any business.

Action is the bridge between my vision and results. Action involves figuring out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Without actions there would be no results.

I’ve always listened to my instinct, which I knew could protect me from making poor business decisions and guide me down in my right path.

Always think positive, and don’t get distract around you with negative minded.

“Remembered, if you stumbled in a race… stand up again and run more than miles than you want to achieves and finish at the end of the line.”

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