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Our Factory and vision

The Factory


Our factory is found at the prime location in Romford Essex, with 6 employees to start including part time, well designed and clean environmental atmosphere. Adjacent with my cosy office to receive my visitors.
Our bottle filling machine can fill 40 bottles x 250 ml per min. equivalent of 2400 bottles per hour. And will make 19,200 bottles per day. This will allow us to make 134,400 bottles
per week.

And, our sauce’s machine can make 30ltrs per 10 mins equivalent of 180 litres per hour and will make 1440 litres per day. And will make 1,440,000ml per day, equivalent of 5760 bottles x 250 ml per day.
This will allow us comfortable to produce 40,320 bottles x250ml per week.



Galetos sauce by Sylvia Orlando vision and prospective will market globally. There will be an extension of the production venue and use a large-scale machinery to allow us to produce the large demand scales of the consumers, and the market’s buyers.

We will be delivered this demand fast and efficient without compromising the quality of our products. We will keep the high quality and standard of our products, we will make sure to keep and follow the rules and regulations of our food and hygiene skills. And keep upgrade their protocol.

My aim is to introduce more different kind of products that no comparisons from my rivals, using all natural and organic ingredients, techniques skills and creativity for a new branding, and using the right technology.
Media advertising is a must. It is the powerful tools and technique strategy to driven the growth of the business, and it help to introduce worldwide. This will empower business strength and stability.

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